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    Open Data Inventories: Help us prioritize the release of open data most relevant to you

    We are pleased to highlight the publication of the open data inventories across the Government of Canada for the very first time. Knowing the full range of information the Government of Canada is creating or collecting is the first step in making data and information more open.

    Canadian Open Data Experience {CODE} Runner-Up Kevin Quan: My CODE Experience

    Guest blogger: Kevin Quan of Team Quantified

    When I read about the CODE hackathon in the news, I was excited about participating.  I’ve been fascinated with using data in novel ways for my entire career and now I had an opportunity to work with the huge amount of data that the Government has collected.

    A primer on the Third Biennial Plan to the Open Government Partnership

    By the Open Government Team

    Today we released the Third Biennial Plan to the Open Government Partnership, a set of commitments to move Canada towards a more open and accountable government. We highly encourage you to read it, but we also recognize that it’s a pretty long document. So we wrote this blog to explain the plan, why it’s important, and what we think will be different in two years because of it.