Interview with Jason Ernst, Grand Prize Winner of CODE

Jason Ernst is a member of the Electric Sheep team (along with Carlos Saavedra), that won the Grand Prize and was voted Fan Favourite at CODE 2014. The team built the newRoots app that matches newcomers to Canada with cities to live in, based on their preferences across several domains. We asked Jason a few questions after CODE to learn more about the team and its experience.

Your Challenge for CODE 2015

The challenge has been laid down. CODE is back!

Tony Clement, the President of the Treasury Board, has officially announced the CODE appathon is returning over the weekend of International Open Data Day from February 20–22.

CODE 2015 will build upon the fantastic success of last February’s inaugural event, which exceeded our expectations for participation, quality, and creativity. This appathon experience has real impact —for some of the finalists, CODE was a springboard into the Canadian entrepreneurial community.

Register for CODE 2015!

CODE 2015 starts in a week! Have you registered yet?

At 6 p.m. on Friday, February 20, 2015, over a thousand coders, developers, graphic artists, and other open data enthusiasts will start developing their apps in one of three categories: Youth, Quality of Life, or Commerce. Some will gather at a CODE hub, and some will work from their homes or at a friend’s house. Why not count yourself among them?

The International Open Data Conference comes to Canada for the first time!

What’s next for open data in Canada?

This is a question for the global open data community – governments, businesses, civil society, and people like you. Where does this movement need to go? It’s an exciting time for open data, and it requires international coordination to fully deliver on its potential.

CODE 2015 – It’s a Wrap!

With the closing of CODE 2015 at 6 p.m. last night, we now have the chance to reflect on this year’s competition. We had great aspirations for this appathon, but what we saw over the weekend was spectacular. “Exceeded our expectations” would be an understatement.

In the end, over 1,300 participants from across Canada took part. It’s clear that CODE participants raised the bar for 2015, as some participants opened apps yesterday for testing. The top 15 apps will be announced on March 6. At that point, it will be your job to vote for the Fan Favourite app.

Canada Codes! The CODE 2015 Top 15 Apps

The top 15 apps from CODE 2015 have been announced! Do you know who made the best use of Canada’s open data for the contest?

More than 1,300 participants, representing over 300 teams from across the country, built 125 apps, drawing inspiration from 3 development themes: Healthy Living, Business Opportunities, and Youth Employment. It was Canada’s biggest appathon ever.

CODE 2015 Winning Teams

The open data community came together in Toronto to celebrate the teamwork, innovation, and drive of the CODE 2015 participants (visit our CODE page if you'd like to learn more). The Grand Finale capped off an exciting month: from the high-energy appathon itself, to testing the 125 submissions, to the intense Pitch Day where the top 15 teams presented their work to a panel of judges.

Judges have deliberated. And the CODE 2015 Winners are…